Green Maids Awesome Services

  • Airbnb Cleaning

    Green Maids Canada, provide high standard cleaning for your Airbnb properties. Give us a call or book online our special cleaning available.

  • Carpet Cleaning

    We always choose the best biodegradable chemicals and shampoos. Simply combine Natures Ultimate Orange Cleaner with water to formulate effective cleaners for almost any application and this will not leave cleaning sticky residues, odors or chaffed patches.

  • Green House Cleaning

    Our system provides the best results in the industry. Our team is trained to use the most current cleaning methods and procedures: Cleaning products are specially formulated to produce deep cleaning.

  • Office Cleaning

    Commercial office cleaning services. We provide our clients with a level of service that is unparalleled in the industry. We use environmentally‐ friendly products. We keep your business clean and safe of toxic products.

  • Move in / Move out

    Focus on your move, not the cleaning! Our green move in or out cleaning service will ensure every surface of your home will be shining and free of any irritants. Plus, we offer a non-toxic, green carpet cleaning service too.

  • Ozone Air Purification

    No sprays or harmful chemicals. We use the latest O3 Air Purification Technology to break down contaminants using a safe, non-hazardous method. We service your need for a permanent, odour free, bacteria free cleaning system.

  • Upholstery Cleaning

    Fresh stains should be blotted up immediately with a sponge or towel, but they should never be scrubbed or rubbed, as this will generally cause irreversible damage.

  • Janitorial Services

    Green Maids Canada specializes in weekly and bi‐ weekly service. Monthly and one‐ time cleaning is also available. All areas to be cleaned in you office or home are clearly outlined before. You can as well personalize them and have a cleaning service designed for you.

  • Professional Window Cleaning

    Our technicians are experienced with all types of windows including single pane, double pane, french pane, skylights, glass panels, solariums, and more Green Maids provide the service and our people are bonded and insured.

  • Green Graffiti Removal

    We have experience and knowledge to remove all types of Graffiti such as Spray Can, Permanent Marker, Pen, Crayon, and Paint. We also specialize in removal and cleaning from all substrates such as Brickwork, Concrete, Sandstone & other natural stone, Stucco, Painted surfaces, Wood, Metal, Glass, Plastic or Polyurethane, Vinyl, Siding and more.

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