• Ozone Air Purification

    Clean your air and environment before it takes over your health. Permanently removes odors, garbage, cooking, footwear, mold, old buildings, bacteria, germs, microbes etc. disinfects and eliminates: mold, mildew, dust mites, allergic substances and more!

  • Green Graffiti Removal

    We have experience and knowledge to remove all types of Graffiti such as Spray Can, Permanent Marker, Pen, Crayon, and Paint. We also specialize in removal and cleaning from all substrates such as Brickwork, Concrete, Sandstone, Wood, Metal, Glass, Plastic and more.

  • Window Cleaning

    Professional Window Cleaning for you! Our technicians are experienced with all types of windows including single pane, double pane, french pane, skylights, glass panels, solariums, and more Green Maids provide the service and our people are bonded and insured.

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